How to Download Mongolian Cyrillic on A Mac

by Misheel Chuluun

Here’s how I did it.

  1. Download Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard layout here.
  2. Go to folder MacintoshHD/Library/KeyboardLayouts. Mongolian Cyrillic Keyboard Layout should be there. (if it’s not there, then do #3) Move it to MacintoshHD/Users/(pick yourself)/Library/KeyboardLayouts.
  3. Find the layout you downloaded. Make sure you remove the .xml part of the ending, and then Move it to MacintoshHD/Users/(pick yourself)/Library/KeyboardLayouts.
  4. Download Mongolian Cyrillic. This is no longer necessary since the MongolianCYR is already there on newer versions since Leopard…or so they tell me.
  5. Go to your International settings in System Settings. Pick Input Menu tab (Language/Formats/Input Menu). Check Mongolian Cyrillic Keyboard. (If you didn’t have it already, a flag should appear on your computer menu bar, on the right side, next to your battery reserve indicator.)
  6. Open Macintosh PAGES. (Microsoft Word for Macs didn’t work for me.)
  7. Pick Mongolian font.
  8. Pick the Mongolian keyboard on the Flag I mentioned.

Type in Mongolian.